Over 1 million monthly devices and counting

What is the Express Notify Platform?

The challenges involved in building a Device and IoT ecosystem include having multiple protocols, brands, and data sources resulting in app overload when attempting to control different devices. The Express Notify Platform unifies these disparate elements in one platform, easing product adoption while significantly reduce development time and shorten time to market.

Express Notify, is an extremely flexible and scalable Device Management & IoT platform designed to enable OEM's, service providers, user electronics OEMs, and system integrators to quickly and easily deploy and manage their own connected device ecosystems. The Express Notify Platform consists of Express Connect and Cloud CRM, to address time-to-market and mass deployment challenges, simplifying and accelerating chipset enablement and application development for IoT.

Creating Value for Your Business

The Express Notify Platform delivers end-to-end solutions to meet fast-developing and changing Devices & IoT environment. With a strong focus on the technology builds for intelligent relationships and communication between devices, the Express Notify Platform structure can easily integrate and expand your family of devices. The Express Notify Platform empowers Mobile & IoT devices like no one else, enabling solution providers and technology brands to combine product offerings with critical device and user management services.