Scalable IoT solutions for any business

As the number of connected devices grow, the more intelligent they will become. Devices will be able to communicate with users and between devices to generate intelligence and valuable insights. With the Express Notify Platform, businesses can integrate different types of services tailored to improve customer experience, while maximizing business opportunities with IoT.

Home Automation

Supports home automation systems to provide easy real-time monitoring and response for every home device, with tracking records and acquired data.

Health Care

Empower patients to live independently and reduce medical costs outside conventional clinical settings. Service providers can closely monitor physiological parameters via connected sensors and devices, and maintain real-time communication with patients. Diagnostics are delivered regularly to the central system and abnormal conditions are reported immediately, allowing service providers to take prompt action.

Retail & Building

Conserve energy to improve operations for smart buildings, HVAC, lighting and security systems. Collect real-time data from sensors and other measurement devices, as well as security and notification systems. Alert notifications can be instantly delivered to administrators or security personnel via cell phone, computer, or other connected systems to enable immediate action.