Shaping the future for Internet of Things

About Express Notify

In today’s connected world, Enterprises and Device Manufacturers need platform providers to continuously optimize and enhance features, functionality and performance, and to seamlessly serve customers’ growing and rapidly evolving needs.

In partnership with some of India’s leading device brands, Express Notify is quickly creating a superlative track record doing exactly that. Enabling any device - regardless of size and complexity - to easily adapt and maintain ongoing relevancy in the face of change.

Our proven technologies and services – end-to-end mobile software and device management, failsafe and highly efficient Smart Delta OTA (Over-the-Air) updating, device virtualization
to name a few – we serve more than 1 million devices worldwide to date across the following verticals

Internet of Things

Keeping connected wearables increasingly functional and relevant, with full flexibility assured via direct OTA, or smartphone-assisted device software management and updating.

Mobile Devices

Solutions continuously innovating, breathing new life into and extending the usefulness and value of mobile technology assets, including smartphones, tablets and practically any other connected devices.